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About the page...
   You haven't seen Eric yet (and you probably won't see him again for quite a while). So if you can't remember him, that's why. At any rate, he is Otterstow's bon vivant.
   Here he can be seen putting the hustle on Sandra when they were in college. I tried to make Sandra look a little younger, but the differences are so subtle, it's hard to illustrate. Anyway, Sandra's reaction is to laugh hysterically. I mean, honestly, Sandra's a foot taller than Eric and way out of his league. Eric, of course, knows this. As Sandra pointed out, it was just a big gag. Still, Slide looks on with disapproval.
   In the end, Eric gets some lurve from Linda. He obviously approves.
   The phrase 'shave me' refers to the fact that a punishment for stupidity is to have one's head shaved. It is sort of like "Blimey" which is short for "May God blind me". Which is why I never say it.
   Also, it is considered inappropriate for one to date outside of one's species, thus Eric is a 'fur-blur'.
   For those of you not from England, when Slide says Eric "tried Sandra on", it means he made sexual advances - not that he was successful in that endeavour.

The story thus far...
    Grace and Simon, two teenage tearaways, have discovered a passage to Reality in the basement of The tré (a tiny theatre in their miniscule town of Otterstow). Unfortunately, they have accidentally trapped themselves and cannot return, although they do not seem to be in any hurry to do so.
    Ignatius (the mayor of Otterstow) suspects this is the case and has enlisted the aid of the parents; Slide, Sandra, Pete and Gina. None of the adults have figured out how to open the passage, which seems to involve a mysterious box that they cannot open.

What's going on right now:
    The parents (except for Gina, who is watching the portal in the basement of The tré by herself) are taking a break from their investigation. They are joined by Linda and Geoff as they sit on the balcony of Nora (Ignatius' home) and enjoy the clear night. They are coming to the conclusion that one need not live up to the labels one wears from others.

Drawing completed - 11 MAY 2011
Drawing posted - 01 JUN 2011

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2350
Page 110
Nora Balcony

    "Shave me, ya don't need Ig for proof. 'Ave a butcher's at Eric BlostMus," Pete said. "Mice are supposed to be timid and look at 'im. Bold as brass, tryin' to chat up any old bird on two legs. What a Fur-blur that Rodent is."

    "He even tried Sandra on when we were in school," Slide recalled.

    "Oh, he was just teasing," Sandra dismissed. "Regardless, you're right. There's nothing timid about Eric."

    "Why is everyone ragging on poor, little Eric?" Linda protested. "I think he's quite sweet."
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