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About the page...
    Out of the Rialto and now in the basement of Nora, which, as you can see has a good bit of drink. Poor Gina is left to sit on her own in another basement - that of The tré. You'd think they could grab the drinks and go sit with her. What inconsiderate people.

    The background for the basement of Nora (which rhymes with 'hurrah', by the way) took over six hours to render. It's been a while since I drew any of these characters, but I seemed to get right into the swing of it without any problems.

The story thus far...
    Grace and Simon, two teenage tearaways, have discovered a passage to Reality in the basement of The tré (a tiny theatre in their miniscule town of Otterstow). Unfortunately, they have accidentally trapped themselves and cannot return, although they do not seem to be in any hurry to do so.
    Ignatius (the mayor of Otterstow) suspects this is the case and has enlisted the aid of the parents; Slide, Sandra, Pete and Gina. None of the adults have figured out how to open the passage, which seems to involve a mysterious box that they cannot open.

What's going on right now:
    After searching for clues and trying to open the cabinet all day, the parents (Sandra, Slide, Pete and Gina) are a bit frustrated. Ignatius has offered for them to drop by Nora for 'a little something'. Someone, however, has to watch the cabinet and Gina has volunteered.

Drawing completed - 30 MAR 2011
Drawing posted - 30 MAR 2011

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2350
Page 101

    After closing time at the Black Kettle, Sandra StæppanWylf, Slide HolenWulf, and Pete DunBerr departed for Nora to have a discussion as to what their next course of action might be.

    Of course, they all took this as an opportunity to tap into the vast resources of Nora's cellar, which were rumoured to be inexhaustible. Ignatius was of no mind to stop them, nor even slow them down to any degree. They had had a very trying and emotional day and he felt it was the least he could do to ease their torment.

    "Where's Gina?" asked Ignatius.

    "We got 'er watchin' the box," Pete said. "Just like ya told us to do."

    "Oh, right. So I did," Ignatius admitted.

    "She sends her regards and says to send her a bottle," Sandra said. "And before you ask, yes, we briefed her on our little conversation at the Kettle - whilst we spent three more hours trying to open that damned thing. Pete, could you please pour me a double-vodka?"
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