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    The 'discussion' that has already been had is on page 40. Iggy recalls an old acquaintance of his parents, Liza PrIgel, who is now living in Trinova (which, if you didn't notice on the map is suspiciously like London).

    I hated to use talking heads again, but I just couldn't come up with anything inspired. Oh well, this conversation should be over in a month or so.

Drawing completed - 20 OCT 2010
Drawing posted - 20 OCT 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 78
Black Kettle Pub

   "I have to agree with Pete," Slide added. "Knowing that doesn't put us any closer to opening the box."

   "We've already had this discussion," Ignatius mentioned. "Although I am going to Trinova to research the legality question, I have another, more important reason - I have one last source who might know something about how to open the cabinet."

   "Who's that?" asked Slide.

   "You remember our neighbour, Liza?" Ignatius reminded him. "She works at the Met Library."

   "Liza PrIgel?" asked Sandra. "Why would she know anything?"

   "She and my parents were great friends all the time I was growing up," Ignatius answered. "Maybe they told her something."
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