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    Here's Clare in her library, which is basically a little corner of the bedroom she shares with Rachael, stacked with books. She's reading Donkey Xoti by Ciervontes, in case you can't make out the cover.

    Clare is concerned for her liberty because suggesting that PD is unnecessary is a pretty radical position in The Kingdom, as shown on page 18.

Drawing completed - 14 APR 2010
Drawing posted - 21 APR 2010

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 2000
Page 62
Black Kettle Pub

    "Then what sorta readin d'ya think might better us?" asked Thaddeus.

    "I dunno," Clare shrugged. "Certainly not that pap they have the nerve to call newspapers. Maybe a story without a moral, or even some non-fiction for a change . . . history, or . . . or philosophy. Something besides those bloody fables."

    "The Beuk has ayeways doon right by me," Thaddeus countered.

    "I know this might come as a great shock to you but, contrary to popular belief, the Book of Common Portrayal is not the sole source of wisdom and knowledge."

    "D'ye hear all this, Ig," Thaddeus complained. "Ma taxes pay the salary for this lass, mind."

    "I happen to agree with her," Ignatius proclaimed calmly.

    "Oh, dis ye nou?" Thaddeus said. "Is the slippery slope, Ig, I'm tellin ye. Next you knaw, she'll be sayin there's na need for PD."

    "I never said that! " Clare protested, in fear of her job and, to no small degree, her liberty.
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