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    Everyone likes to be taken seriously and have the respect of their profession. I am no exception and neither is Ignatius. However, I wouldn't be nearly as polite as Ignatius in voicing my counter-arguments to amateur engineers.

    This page took a particularly long time to produce, but a very small amount of time to actually draw. This is because I had to model the exterior of Nora (which rhymes with 'hurrah', by the way). I also had to model some parts of Ignatius' study - and, believe it or not, I spent hours on that darn spoon! I think I made the last panel too dark, as if it were evening and, as you can see by the time stamp in the upper left, it's only 5:30 PM in the middle of summer - far too early for twilight. Oh well, I'll just say the shades are drawn...

Drawing completed - 31 AUG 2009
Drawing posted - 16 SEP 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1730
Page 43

    Ignatius walked back to Nora, his home of many generations that stood on the south bank of the Fennec-Raven canal, at the very eastern edge of town. Something about how cocksure the others were on the legality of entering Reality felt like a shard under his claw. As he crossed the bridge to the canal which landed on his back lawn, it seemed rather irritating to him that there were people who hadn't spent a day of their lives studying Remun who would assume they knew more about the Pedestra Charta than he did. He had left all of the doors open to his home to air it out and, thus, strolled through the rear entrance without breaking stride.

    "Think you know more about the Pedestra Charta than I do, eh?" he muttered as he filled his kettle with water and turned on the gas.

    "Well, we'll just see about that," he challenged as he pulled out his only copy of the Pedestra Charta. He had purchased it twenty years ago, shortly after his entrance to university to study law and, as most law students did, he then filled it with notes and scribbles and had dog-eared numerous pages. Also, like most law students, he had not had much cash at the time, so it was an inexpensive copy, in a rather unassuming, saddle-stitched, cloth hard-cover with black ink titles and somewhat questionable interpretation. He had left it untouched since graduation.

    The Pedestra Charta, in and of itself, was not a very large document. In its native Remun, it was barely 10,000 words and only occupied about 30 pages of the book. The remaining two inches of paper that made up the vast majority of the book were 683 pages of translation, commentary, opinions and other useless information.

    Ignatius sipped his tea as he turned another yellowed page of his aging text.

    He knew that it might be necessary to get other people involved to get the cabinet open. If entering Reality was illegal, that could present a problem; asking innocent people to involve themselves in illegal activities could result in his disbarment, at the very least. However, if he could present a case that what they were doing was legal, none of this would be a concern. Despite this, he knew that the idea he had brewing in his head could land him in serious trouble if he didn't do things just right. And even if he did do things just right, it could still be extremely awkward.

    But first, he had to find a loophole.
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