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And we're back to Otterstow, where Ig is having a little flashback to his childhood and reflecting on his naivete.

I didn't want to make a completely new font for Elizabeth and Xavier (Ig's parents), so I made his father red and his mother blue, thus making Ignatius magenta. The basement was rendered, but everything else was drawn - including the window. I think this is the first 'extreme closeup' of Ignatius and I think it came out pretty well, considering it was done without CGI/photgraphic assistance. That glass of cider was a pain in the butt, I can tell you... It still looks like it could glow in the dark.

Drawing completed - 26 NOV 2007
Drawing posted - 17 JUN 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1620
Page 30
Black Kettle Pub

   Ignatius entered the Black Kettle Pub, immediately collected his pint of cider and sat alone by the window to collect his thoughts which were running at a terrifying pace.

   That cabinet - it can't just be a cabinet, he surmised. I heard them running away. One can't run in a cabinet; there just isn't enough room. It must be an entry of some sort. A mine shaft, a subcellar . . . Reality?

   There I go, being a sifwit again. It's no wonder Mummy and Da found me such an easy target for a put-on. I'll believe anything anyone tells me - even me.

   Ignatius recalled a particular wind-up that had always mystified him which, coincidentally, had to do with Reality. One evening, as a child of eight, he had crawled out of bed to his favourite place to listen in, unseen, on his father and mother talking in the parlour.

   "Old Man Simon's finally passed on," Ignatius remembered his father, Xavier, telling his mother, Elizabeth, referring to a nonagenarian Vulpan that had recently died. "He's the last. We can finally close that damned cabinet in the basement for good."

   "I think we should tell Ignatius," Elizabeth had replied.

   "No, he's not old enough," Xavier had countered. "Can you imagine telling our Ig that there's a cabinet that leads to Reality? He's a lovely lad and no mistake, but he's completely incapable of keeping a secret."

   "That's only because he's just eight - and scrupulously honest. We could tell him when he's older,"
Elizabeth had suggested.

   "No, I think we should just close it up and let it die," Xavier had decided. "If I had my way, I'd rip out that cabinet and fill that whole damnable tunnel with concrete."

   Ignatius remembered taking the first opportunity to look over every square inch of the basement at Nora, his home. Not finding any secret tunnels or cabinets, he had thus chalked up his parents' conversation as another clever ploy to teach him not to eavesdrop, or perhaps, to be less gullible. In light of the day's events, this perspective was suddenly about to change.
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