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Sixteen - a perfect square, just like me. Here's some more of the Portrayal. Are we seeing a theme here? Can we figure out the moral?

Well, tell me, because I haven't a clue! And can you make it quick - this is for an assignment due on Thursday.

Drawing completed - 19 SEP 2006
Drawing posted - 11 MAR 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1400
Page 16
The tré auditorium box seat

   Servant [stepping backwards in fear]
They are on your head, my Lord.
   Badger [feels for glasses on head and finds them - he tears them off and shouts]
ARGH! Why did no one tell me!
We did! We did tell you!
Oh, no you didn't!
Oh, yes we did!
   Repeat ad nauseam
Servant, why did you not tell me?
Because you would become even more angry, my Lord!
For the last time, I am not angry!
Oh, yes you are!
Oh, no I'm not!
   Repeat ad nauseam
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