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Some new characters, some of which will be formally introduced in the near future, but just to sate your curiosity, in the top panel, from left is Graeme DunHors, Geoff ThistleBoar, Pete DunBerr, Thaddeus WhinnsBrocc and Ig you've met already. Graeme has maybe two sentences in the entire book, so very minor. Geoff, Pete and Tad we will get to know and love over the years. The Hare in the pink jumper is unnamed.

This came out pretty nicely and I think, even though I was still outlining everything, it is a good piece of work. Regarding the content, in hindsight, I doubt that Ig would have done anything so uncouth as to spill a pint on Tad's shirt, no matter how much of a ragging he was getting. However, I drew it, so it must have happened. Iggy lost his cool (much to the amusement of the those present).

Drawing completed - 31 DEC 2005
Drawing posted - 25 FEB 2009

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1400
Page 14
The tré auditorium box seat

His insistence on wearing the aforementioned sash, waistcoat and blazer simply added fuel to their arguments, as they would wonder, frequently out loud and in his presence, why the mayor of such a small village (although still legally a town) would consider himself of any importance whatsoever. Ignatius would generally ignore their comments, but if pressed, would merely reply that it was important to perform one's duties to the best of one's abilities. He would also confess that he relished his role, even if it was not of any great consequence and if that made him a pompous git, then, so be it. He loved his little town of Otterstow and would never abandon it for a higher office in the capital city of Trinova, whether elected or appointed.

Occasionally there was some idle talk about the MP for Otterstow. No one was willing to admit to being the MP, nor stand for election. Some suggested that Ignatius should go to Parliament in addition to his mayoral obligations to justify his salary. He would usually respond to this by remarking that someone would have to assume his unpaid, volunteer position as the sole member of the Otterstow Primary School Authority. Everyone knew why it was an unpaid and voluntary post, thus the topic of discussion would abruptly change. The curtain opened for the Portrayal to begin, with a score of schoolchildren sitting in the darkened theatre, all eyes dutifully on the stage. As is usually the case with schoolchildren, they were on their best behaviour when someone 'important' was nearby and they had seen Ignatius come in just before them for the viewing of the afternoon Portrayal. So there were no spitballs, no tail-pulling or ear-thumping, just a few hushed whispers and hands were kept to themselves.
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