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If you just want a brief synopsis of the story, here is a blurb.
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My bespoke fonts are free to download on the characters page.
My 3D models are available to download on the 3D-CGI page.
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Doing a refurb.
05 Nov 2016 - Finally got the 3D-CGI page up, along with lots of other small changes. Please let me know if there are any flaws on the website (broken links, misspellins, etc).
29 Nov 2016 - Still tidying up and adding a 3D-CGI page that shows my 3D models.
15 Nov 2016 - Tidying up the html and getting php scripts to work again.
19 Sep 2016 - Update on the "About" page.
16 Sep 2016 - Sorted out the "Characters/Fonts" page. Free fonts!
14 Sep 2016 - Have freshened up the
"Donations" page and allowed the illustrated e-book to be downloaded for free.

If you click on the map below, you will get a new tab with a big map of the locations of my visitors.
For reasons I cannot explain, I seem to be quite popular in Sweden.

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AllegoryNarr Font
AllegoryTimePlace Font
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AllegorySimon Font
AllegoryGrace Font
AllegoryIgnatius Font
AllegoryGeoff Font
AllegoryGeorge Font
AllegoryLeon Font
AllegorySlide Font
AllegorySandra Font
AllegoryGina Font
AllegoryPete Font
AllegoryLinda Font
AllegoryBreweryWorker Font
AllegoryThaddeus Font
AllegoryRachael Font
AllegoryClare Font
AllegoryJohnny Font
AllegoryLiza Font
AllegoryJess Font
Blender 3D Prop Models
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Blender 3D Body Part Models

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